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We redefine the definition of Technology, Safety, Quality, and Performance and in turn increase customer satisfaction,
long term business relationships and strong market credibility for our company

Client Name : Asian Paints


  • A compact electro-mechanical design with unique drive and a self-lock mechanism
  • Automatic detection for malfunction
  • Input interface for dry contact and switch signal connection
  • Adjustable auto-delay closing
  • Infrared photocells for safety access
  • Alarm for unauthorized access and no access against passenger flow
  • Anti-reversing passing
  • Auto closing when power on
  • Auto open and free access when power off
  • Adjustable access directions
  • Emergency interface available
  • Traffic light indicating passenger access

Client Name : OPGC


  • A compact electric and mechanical design with unique drive which ensure product durability and silent operation, and its self-lock mechanism can also well protect the access control security.
  • Automatic detection for malfunctions, which will be convenient for customer to maintain and operate.
  • Input interface which are available for dry contact and switch signal connections. So customers can integrate the swing barrier with different system, like card reader, ticket system, token system etc.
  • Auto delay closing function, after the flaps open if no pedestrian passes in a fixed time, the system will cancel the order and the auto-delay closing time is adjustable.
  • Audible and visual alarm in case of unauthorized access, which can strengthen the entrance security.
  • It can be integrated with fire control device, which allow the release on emergency for security consideration.

Client Name : Man Industries


  • Stainless steel housing
  • Bi-direction passing, the arm can rotate from one direction or two directions(optional)
  • Adjustable working mode, can be two way passing or one way passing, and the other is prohibited
  • Arms auto drop when power off
  • Arms auto rise up when power on and auto drop on obstacle
  • Traffic light indicator
  • Wingen 26/Dry contact, is compatible with smart card for access control
  • Photoelectric inspection
  • If the passenger does not pass in valid time, the passage will lock up, and the valid time is adjustable
  • Passenger counter.



" We believe that success comes from continual focus on innovation, execution and cost-effectiveness. Innovation in sustainability means doing things better and smarter. It means making the most of our resources, empowering people to do what they do best and using the power of diverse ideas to overcome challenges. And it also means helping our customers do all of this, too. Execution is equally as important. It is all about getting the right, the right people, doing the right things, at the right time, at the right cost structure. This applies to both our business and sustainability. Both are about making an impact through original ideas and processes while utilizing resources wisely. All innovations and executions must be cost effective to the end clients to enjoy the transforming experience.
Combining innovation, execution and cost effectiveness makes us future ready.
Our continual focus on Innovation will keep us progressive. "